Facility Introduction
Isoura Plant

The Isoura Plant, opened in 1987 for the manufacture of high purity metallic compounds and rare metals, develops and produces highly functional new materials for markets expected to grow in the near future. Nickel hydroxide produced at the Isoura Plant is used as cathode active materials for nickel hydride batteries mounted in hybrid vehicles.

Battery Materials

Additionally, demand has been increasing rapidly in recent years for nickel powder, which is used in the internal electrodes of multi-layer ceramic capacitors built into computers and mobile phones, as a replacement for precious metals like palladium. The raw materials for these products are purified and supplied by Niihama Nickel Refinery that processes ores from SMM's overseas nickel mines. Leveraging its strength, which lies in owning resources and having an integrated system of production from ores to functional materials, SMM is capable of ensuring stable production of highly functional materials.