Facility Introduction
Hyuga Smelting Co., Ltd.

Hyuga City, in Miyazaki Prefecture, is an industrial city located in the center of Kyushu that contains the port of Hososhima, the gateway to the sea. We, as Hyuga Smelting Co., Ltd. (Equity ratio: Sumitomo Metal Mining 60%,Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation 25%, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 15%), utilize this advantageous location to produce ferronickel, while maintaining a harmonious balance with the beauty of nature.

Ferronickel Becomes the Raw Material of Stainless Steel

Ferronickel is an alloy made from iron and nickel, and it becomes the raw material of stainless steel. Since stainless steel has a beautiful luster and it does not rust, it is used for household utensils such as spoons and forks, as familiar examples, and for building materials for automobiles, buildings, houses, etc. Additionally, it is also heavily used for industrial purposes due to its acid-proof and heat-proof properties.

Raw Materials

  • Raw Materials

    Garnierite ore
    (New Caledonia)

    SMM imports nickel ore (nickel grade approx. 2%) from New Caledonia, etc.

Manufacturing Process

  • Unloading Equipment

    Raw material ore, transported by an ore carrier, is unloaded by 2 cranes at the ore quay.

  • Dryer

    Since nickel ore contains a large amount of water, it is first dried using a dryer.

  • Rotary Kiln

    Ore is charged into the rotary kiln together with coal, and is thermally dehydrated (sintered) by coal combustion and made into calcined ore.

  • Electric Furnace

    The calcined ore that comes out of the rotary kiln is charged into an electric furnace while maintaining a high temperature. The calcined ore is separated into metal and slag through heating and reductive dissolution by electricity and coal. The slag will be water-granulated and distributed as steel solvent or aggregate (product name: green sand).

  • Stirrer Desulfurization

    The metal produced in the electric furnace (crude ferronickel) contains sulfur as an impurity. In the Stirrer Desulfurization, this sulfur is removed using calcium carbide.

  • Casting Machine

    Liquid ferronickel is made into shot form and is shipped.


  • Ferronickel Shot

  • Green Sand