IR Policy

1. Information Disclosure Standards

Our company releases information according to securities market regulations as specified by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, Corporation Law and the Securities Exchange. Another one of our guiding principles is the prompt, accurate and impartial disclosures of information not related to timely disclosures that meet the needs of the shareholders and investors.

2. Information Disclosure Methods

Information relevant to securities market regulations is released via TD-NET of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (timely disclosure information transmission system) and press releases according to the same regulations then the same information is promptly posted to our company's website. Another one of our guiding principles is taking the transmission of information not related to securities market regulations in a prompt, accurate and impartial manner to shareholders and investors according to the tenets of timely disclosures.

3. Quiet Period

We established a "Quiet Period" 2 weeks before announcing most financial statements each quarter, and respond to comments and questions on the statements in order to prevent information leaks that affect stock prices during the time the financial statements are being prepared. However, we release information during the "Quiet Period" in case when the already reported earnings forecasts are expected to be significantly outside expectations.

4. Future Outlook

Items where there is no historical evidence from the plans, outlooks and management targets posted to our company's website are based on our judgment and predictions based on currently obtainable information. Note that actual business performance may vary greatly from forecasts due to a variety of factors. Moreover, factors that impact business performance include but are not limited to market forces, non-ferrous metal and precious metal costs, electronic/advanced materials and other supply & demand trends and market conditions, and exchange rates.

5. Investment Criteria

The purpose of the information noted on our company's website is to broaden your knowledge about us, and is not for the solicitation of investments. It is up to you to make your own determinations regarding investments.