Copper Sulfate


Copper sulfate is azurite blue crystal, produced by refining copper electrolyte generated during the electrolytic copper manufacturing process. It is widely used for copper plating, catalysts, and pigments. Due to its high and stable quality, it is highly evaluated, especially for plating use. In recent times, copper sulfate containing a low amount of impurities is required with the increase in density and the miniaturization of printed circuit boards. In response to this, we have developed a high-purity product with an extremely low amount of Fe, Ni, Pb, etc., to be added to our product lineup, in order to satisfy various needs.

Quality characteristics

CuSO4・5H20 Fe Water-insoluble content
≧99.0 ≦0.05 ≦0.05

High-purity products are

Fe Ni Zn Pb Cl
≦0.001 ≦0.001 ≦0.001 ≦0.001 ≦0.001


  1. Copper sulfate = copper plating, feed, catalysts, flotation agents, batteries, pigments, etc.
  2. High purity copper sulfate = electroless copper plating


  1. General products = 4-ply paper bag, 20 kg/bag
  2. High-purity product = 4-ply paper bag, 20 kg/bag