Materials Business

In myriad ways, metal-based technologies form the backbone of everyday life. SMM's advanced materials and semiconductor materials are used in sophisticated products of every description - from the components incorporated into the latest electronic devices to the rechargeable batteries that play a key role toward realizing a low-carbon society. The mission of our materials business is to invest new values into metals as a way of supporting ongoing progress in elevating the quality of people's lives.

Core advantages of SMM’s materials business

Rolling out products leveraging core technologies

SMM is building a profitable product portfolio leveraging its core technologies, while dedicating effort to products in fields with growing demand—fields related to the environment and energy, as well as information communications.

Since products in the materials business are comparatively diverse in relation to those in the mineral resources and smelting and refining businesses, and since they also have shorter product life cycles, we are constantly called upon to select and concentrate our business areas. As a result, the SMM Group does not formulate strategies on a product-by-product basis, but rather considers how each product fits into the overarching strategy for the materials business. We then carry out decision-making by business domain.

This system for decision-making allows us to select and finalize projects and scales that correspond to market movements, thereby achieving growth for the materials business overall.

Relationships with market-leading customers

We take information provided by customers and reflect it in quality improvements of products in order to help produce even better products.

Since we develop products in collaboration with customer R&D teams from the R&D stage, we are able to supply products that meet customer needs and offer a high level of reliability.

Additionally, close ties with the smelting and refining business allow us to secure a stable supply of products suited to customer needs, which is something we leverage to differentiate SMM from other companies.

Co-existence with local communities

Working from the SMM Group Corporate Philosophy of co-existence with local communities, we have maintained a high level of local hiring and employment. We are moving forward with restructuring and striving to maintain employment levels by striking a balance between how we secure profitability for the materials business, and how we shift to growth products inside our production bases while adopting new business projects.