Mineral Resources Business

Deep inside the earth lie valuable natural resources that have remained dormant for millions of years. Through human intervention, they take on new value as metals - a process that begins with the exploration and development of the earth's resources. This is what SMM's operations in mineral resources are all about. In Japan, we developed what became the country's largest gold mine, at Hishikari. Abroad, as professionals in mine development and operation, we continue to explore worldwide for outstanding ore deposits in a panoply of projects.

Core advantages of SMM’s mineral resources business

Accumulated mining and exploration technology

Daily operation and management at Hishikari Mine

The level of engineers’ technical skill and expertise impacts the stability and improvement of mine operations. While the SMM Group utilizes its domestic mine, Hishikari Mine, as a base for nurturing mining engineers, in addition to overseas mines where we have minor interests. This allows us to foster human resources with expertise in mine exploration, development, and operation.

Robust relationships of trust with our partners

Freeport McMoRan President Adkerson and SMM
President Nakazato (at that time) at the ceremony
celebrating the acquisition of additional interest in
Morenci Copper Mine (June 3, 2016)

In preserving our mine interests, the SMM Group goes beyond mere investment and leverages the technical expertise honed and developed since building out the Besshi Copper Mine to contribute to stable and improving operations. This includes dispatching employees and forming cooperative technology relationships, all of which allows us to earn a high degree of trust from our partners. The bedrock of reliability created through these and other activities provides opportunities to participate in new, high-quality development projects and to acquire new interests. This progress leads to further growth and improvement in our corporate value.

Co-existing with local communities

Daily environmental surveys around Hishikari Mine

While carrying out dialogue with stakeholders, we strive to listen to the needs and concerns of local communities so that we can develop and operate mines in harmony with these groups. By avoiding confl icts with the needs of local communities regarding, for instance, water resources, and by processing mine wastewater, reducing dust, and safely managing deposition fi elds for tailings, we strive for responsible environmental management that contributes to environmental preservation.

High-precision techniques for evaluating profi tability

Project evaluation by engineers with highly
specialized knowledge

In order to ensure profi t even in the face of fl uctuating metal prices, we set stringent investment criteria and strictly evaluate profi tability when acquiring mine interests. Leveraging massive amounts of mine-related information accumulated over many years allows us to exercise a high level of precision in these calculations of reserves, investment amounts, and other risks, which are the foundational techniques for profi tability evaluations. Profi tability assessments based on results of these highly precise evaluations contribute to minimizing fi nancial risks accompanying interest acquisition and are fundamental to a stable supply of basic, raw materials.