Functional Inks : Deep-tinting Materials


Deep-tinting materials of SMM enable sophisticated coloring and possess high tinting strength. For example, privacy protection window films for automotive of deep blue and purple coloring can be realized with small addition. In addition, privacy protection IR-shielding films can be obtained by adding SMM deep-tinting materials to IR-shielding materials, such as CWO® and LaB6.
Compared to organic dyes, SMM deep-tinting materials possess much higher durability. Also, base materials with low haze can be realized by SMM deep-tinting materials due to nano-sized dispersion technology.

  • CWO® is a registered trademark of SMM.


Application example to automotive window

Privacy protection PC sheet Privacy protection film

Product Feature

1.Sophisticated Coloring

Deep purple tinting by WRF-30X1((CuFeMn)xOy), deep-blue tinting by KNF-01(TiN) and bronze tinting by KCF-31(Carbon) can be achieved. They realize privacy protection with sophisticated coloring.

Optical profiles of SMM deep-tinting materials.

Coating examples of SMM deep-tinting materials.

2.High tinting strength

SMM deep-tinting materials are highly cost-effective because privacy protection can be achieved with small addition.

3.High durability

SMM deep-tinting materials possess high durability against various surrounding factors such as light, humidity and heat.

Product Lineup

Dispersion liquid (Nanoparticles dispersion in liquid form)

Coating application of privacy protection window films for automotive and building

Dispersion powder (Compound of nanoparticles and resin in powder form)

kneading application of privacy protection resin sheet

Sizes of the particles contained in SMM deep-tinting materials are well controlled to nano-size by SMM technology in order to obtain low haze value. In addition, polymeric dispersion agents are added to prevent aggregation of the particles and realize high solubility with various types of resins.

Form Product Name Filler Application example Optical properties technical Data SDS
Dispersion Liquid WRF-30X1 (CuFeMn)xOy Privacy protection window films for automotive and building Detail Detail
KNF-01 TiN Detail Detail
KCF-31 C Detail Detail
Dispersion Powder KNDS-874 TiN Privacy protection resin sheet Detail