Sustainability Data

Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Indigenous people and local citizens in areas where the Company does business *1


Relocation of local citizens for development

There are occasions when we inevitably have to ask local citizens to relocate to make way for development of the mine or the construction of associated facilities. On such occasions, we seek the understanding of local citizens and offer alternative land. For the Hishikari Mine, from 1983 to 1989 three households in total were asked to relocate. For Taganito HPAL Nickel Corporation, we asked 41 households in areas to be affected by the plant’s construction to relocate. *2

Human rights management program

Preparations are underway to implement a human rights due diligence process covering local citizens in regions around our overseas business sites.

Impact assessment

During the approval and authorization process for operations at the Hishikari Mine, we provide explanations regarding development to citizens living in areas around the mine and have concluded a pollution prevention agreement under which we report and make revisions as appropriate.

Consideration in biodiversity

To preserve the ecosystems as well as the foundation of life for communities in the area around the Hishikari Mine, SMM conducts annual environmental monitoring surveys checking 18 items and analyzing water quality, as well as rice paddy soil, unpolished rice, straw, and other natural elements to check that there are no abnormalities. Every other year, we catch and analyze fish to check for abnormal levels of heavy metals.

FY2020 results

As a result of human rights due diligence, there have been no matters for concern, such as complaints from indigenous people, reported regarding any of the mines or smelters and refineries in which SMM has more than a 50% interest.

As of July 2020, there were no cases of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) with work environment issues in regions where SMM operates, nor did SMM have any programs for involvement in ASM.

  • *1Agreements are entered into with communities in line with the law at all of the mines and smelters and refineries in which the SMM Group has more than a 50% interest.
  • *2A relocation plan was formulated in line with the World Bank’s Operational Policy on Involuntary Resettlement. With the agreement of all citizens, the relocation was completed by December 2010. Furthermore, we have continued to provide support since the relocation, including for home repair and maintenance, and programs to help restore livelihoods that encourage getting skills and know-how so the citizens can get income for the rest of their lives.