Sustainability Data

Economic Performance

Distribution of Economic Value to Stakeholders (FY2020)

Stakeholder Amount (billions of yen) Details
Suppliers 743.5 Payments to suppliers
Employees 62.3 Payments to employees
Shareholders/Creditors 24.8 Payments of dividends / interest
Government 28.5 Taxes paid
Society*1 1.5 Donations

Note: No governments have an equity stake in SMM. Other than the above, there is retained value of ¥86.8 billion. Rent for use of land is minimal and there-fore included in “Payments to suppliers.”

  • *11. Society: In the Philippines (CBNC, THPAL), the ¥1 billion expended through the Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) and other contributions in the same country is included.

Financial Assistance from the Government (FY2020)

Stakeholder Amount (billions of yen) Details
Government and business partners 0.3 Subsidies, grants, etc. *

Projected Benefit Obligation

The SMM Group has adopted both funded and unfunded defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans for allo-cating retirement benefits to its employees. Its defined benefit obligations as of March 31, 2021 were ¥71.5 billion, which include funded defined benefit obligations of ¥68.9 billion , and pension assets available for allocation to those funded defined benefit obligations were ¥79.4 billion.

Income Tax by Country or Region (FY2020)

Country or region Amount (millions of yen)
Japan 23,558
U.S.A. 3,188
Peru 4,723
Chile 2,045
China 864
Philippines 2,336
New Caledonia 267
Australia 276
Others 30
Total 37,287

Note: With regard to equity-method affiliates, the above amounts include the Company’s proportional burden of income tax.