Environmental Business "Water Treatment"

Other Solutions / Examples of Proposals


In addition to our water treatment systems for substances that require control, such as nitrogen, fluorine, and boron, we believe that we can also propose other appropriate solutions that will meet the various needs of customers.

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Case 1

Contamination of washing water in processing affects the quality of products.

We examine the cause of the contamination and then propose countermeasures. At the plant shown in the photo, we introduced our "TOC (Total Organic Carbon) removal equipment."

Case 2

Waste water contains many kinds of substances (or the salt concentration of the water is very high) and, therefore, it cannot be treated by conventional processes.

We have a water treatment technology development team that works at dedicated laboratories. In cooperation with the team, we propose water treatment processes that will meet the needs of customers. For example, regarding waste water containing nitrite-nitrogen whose salt concentration is 25,000 mg/L, for which the conventional biotreatment method cannot be applied, it has been confirmed that the water can be treated by our N-Free (N) without problems.

Case 3

Currently, our biotreatment facility is operating for denitrification, but a new production line will begin to operate and this will increase the nitrogen load. Therefore, we must reinforce the facility as well.

Reinforcement of the biotreatment facility is not the only solution. The scope of nitrogen concentrations for which biotreatment can be applied is limited. Consider installing our F-Free (N) or F-Free (A) process in a drainage path where waste water nitrogen concentration is high and its amount is small. After the nitrogen has been reduced in the drainage path, by means our process, to a level where biotreatment can be applied, you can treat the waste water at your biotreatment facility. Only by introducing our small-scale equipment can you actually increase the performance of your conventional facility.


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