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  1. When publishing information on this website, SMM does its utmost to ensure the information is accurate. However, in the event that the information is erroneous, SMM shall bear no responsibility whatsoever. SMM shall also bear no responsibility whatsoever for problems, losses, or damage that occur as a result of using this website, including problems caused by the tampering with or downloading of data or other such actions by third parties and damage resulting from the suspension or halt of operation of this website, etc.
  2. While some areas of this website provide information relating to future business results and other such matters, this is for the convenience of investors and other parties and is not intended as a solicitation for investment. The business forecasts and business plans published on this website are created on the basis of the economic situation, market trends, and other such factors at the time of creation. Actual business results may vary from such forecasts due to a range of factors. When investing, please refrain from basing your investment judgements entirely on the information on this website, and please make decisions relating to investments on the basis of your own judgment.
  3. Except where legally required to do so, SMM shall be under no obligation to publish modified versions of the forecasts on this website in light of new information and future events.

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