SMM Group's Business

Recycling Business

Sumitomo Metal Mining has developed our own recycling technology through our business which requires to face natural environment and to handle mineral resources.
The Sumitomo Metal Mining Group’s recycling operations are performed by Sumitomo Metal Mining Engineering Co., Ltd., which delivers proposals for plant effluent recycling that use high performance processing technology effectively and are fit-for-purpose, and by Ohkuchi Electronics Co., Ltd., which efficiently recovers the gold, silver, and palladium used in electronic components such as semiconductors.

Environmental Business

Sumitomo Metal Mining Engineering Co., Ltd. is engaged in water treatment and environmental improvement operations, and its work includes N-Free (N) for nitrate-nitrogen/nitrite-nitrogen that converts the nitrogen component of effluent into harmless nitrogen gas and emits it into the atmosphere, and N-Free (A) that neutralizes ammoniac nitrogen and COD components by applying the electrowinning method used in the smelting and refining of non-ferrous metals to ammonia treatment.

Water Treatment

Environmental Preservation

Irradiation Business

Sumitomo Metal Mining Group member Japan Irradiation Service Co., Ltd. provides sterilization, disinfection, and polymer material modification services for medical devices, non-woven fabrics and hygienic materials, laboratory and clinical testing equipment, containers, food packaging materials, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and herbal medicine material.

Logistics Business

Sumiko Logistics Co., Ltd. is Sumitomo Metal Mining’s logistics company, and undertakes logistics in a wide range of areas, including coastal shipping, port transport, in-plant logistics, and land transportation. It strives to provide safe and stable transportation for raw materials and products.