Promotion Framework

The Social Responsibility of the SMM Group

With the stable supply of non-ferrous metals and materials as our mission, the SMM Group must fulfill its social responsibility, meeting the conditions of a greatly changing society. To do that, it is vital that we strive to improve our corporate value by achieving continuous growth in our business and by promoting the Group’s social responsibility. In these initiatives, it is essential to thoroughly enforce internal control and oversight. Important business execution decisions are made at meetings of the Board of Directors in order to carry out a balanced approach to executing these corporate activities.

Committees and Framework

There are three committees that are run in order to fulfill the Sumitomo Metal Mining Group’s social responsibility: the CSR Committee, the Internal Control Committee, and the Corporate Value Enhancement Committee.

Corporate Value Enhancement Committee

In our Mineral Resources, Smelting & Refining, and Materials businesses, the SMM Group positions projects in excess of a certain investment value and expected return value as large-scale projects.
We categorize these large-scale projects under the labels “Sowing,” which spans from narrowing down projects to selection; “Planting,” which covers determination of the project organization to completion of construction for the project; “Nurturing,” which ranges from the start of production to achievement of the design capacity; and “Harvesting,” which covers ongoing verification of the project through full production. For each of these, the Corporate Value Enhancement Committee takes the lead in receiving status reports on project progress and offering on-the-spot counsel and instruction.
The Corporate Value Enhancement Committee is chaired by the president. General managers and deputy general managers of business divisions, the General Manager of the Technology Div., the General Manager of the Engineering Div., and the heads of related operational divisions in the Head Office serve as committee members, holding regular meetings twice a year.

Internal Control Committee

To enforce thorough internal control and oversight of initiatives for boosting corporate value, we work primarily through the Internal Control Committee to build, maintain, and improve internal control systems in our Group. The creation of internal control systems for the proper and efficient execution of business leads to enhanced legal compliance, efficiency, and transparency in management. We view internal control systems as vital tools in securing the sustainable growth of our Group and are working to strengthen initiatives through the Internal Control Committee.
The committee operates with the president as chairman, the executive officer supervising the Internal Audit Dept. as the vice-chairman, and the general manager of the Internal Audit Dept. and other heads of related operational divisions in the Head Office as committee members.

CSR Committee

To pursue our social responsibility, the SMM Group deliberates material issues mainly through our CSR Committee. Meeting twice a year, the CSR Committee is chaired by the president, with the CSR executive officer participating as deputy chair, the general managers of divisions, the General Manager of the Technology Div., the General Manager of the Engineering Div., and the heads of operational divisions in the Head Office as committee members, and the CSR Dept. as secretariat.
Specifically, we deliberate and decide on CSR policy, material issues, and proposals to modify the Vision for 2030. In addition, we also discuss and finalize indicators for evaluating our progress toward the Vision for 2030 and important matters regarding CSR activities, such as those in our annual CSR activity plans. Other activities include regular evaluations of CSR activities and the launch of corrective measures, as well as the provision and exchange of information regarding the promotion of CSR activities, explanations of important issues, sharing of understanding, and deliberating important issues concerning CSR activities. We continue such initiatives with the goal of sustainable co-existence with the global environment, as set forth in the SMM Group Corporate Philosophy.
Attached to the CSR Committee are three working groups—the Risk Management, Compliance, and Quality Assurance Working Groups—and seven subcommittees, including the Efficient Resource Utilization Subcommittee, that address material issues. The seven subcommittees and three working groups are under the jurisdiction of the relevant divisions, and draft and execute annual targets and plans in line with the KPIs set for each material issue.
The CSR Committee reviews activities in each area based on reports from working groups and subcommittees. Reviews include activity progress reports and activity plans for the next fiscal year, evaluations of the Group’s environmental, social, and economic performance, the execution of corrective measures where necessary, and the implementation of our PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.

The head of the CSR Committee is the president, and under this committee are three working groups: the Risk Management Working Group (reports to: Safety & Environment Control Dept.), the Compliance Working Group (reports to:Legal Dept.), and the Quality Assurance Working Group (reports to:Quality Assurance Dept.), and seven subcommittees and offices: the Efficient Resource Utilization Subcommittee (reports to:Technology Div.), the Environmental Preservation Subcommittee (reports to:Safety & Environment Control Dept.), the Corporate Citizenship Subcommittee (reports to:General Affairs Dept.), the Human Resources Development Subcommittee (reports to:Human Resources Dept.), the Human Rights Subcommittee (reports to:CSR Dept.), the Occupational Health & Safety Subcommittee (reports to:Safety & Environment Control Dept.), and the Communications Subcommittee (reports to:Public Relations & Investor Relations Dept.). Directors who are also members of the CSR Committee are the President, the General Manager of the Mineral Resources Division, the General Manager of the Non-ferrous Metals Division, and the General Manager of the Corporate Planning Department.

CSR Policy

  1. SMM shall work to combat global warming by promoting recycling and effective resource utilization while also targeting technological innovation and continuous improvements in energy efficiency.
  2. SMM shall promote sustainable co-existence with society by respecting the needs of the local communities in which we operate around the world.
  3. To continue sound business activities, SMM shall respect human rights and shall try to be a company in which diverse human resources take active parts.
  4. According safety the highest priority, SMM shall provide safe, comfortable working environments and seek to eliminate occupational accidents.
  5. SMM shall strengthen communications with all stakeholders to build healthy, trust-based relationships.