Privacy Policy

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SMM) declares to comply with laws and regulations inside and outside Japan, under the "Compliance with Laws and Regulations" in the SMM Group Code of Conduct.
Under this Code of Conduct, SMM has established the following privacy policy to properly handle personal information, in compliance with laws concerning personal information protection and related ordinances (hereinafter referred to as "laws and ordinances"). SMM will strive to protect your personal information through adherence to this privacy policy by its corporate officers and employees.

1. Name, address, and representative of business

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
11-3 Shimbashi 5-chome Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8716, Japan
President and Representative Director: Akira Nozaki

2. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, etc.

SMM appropriately handles personal information by complying with laws, regulations, and guidelines such as those of the Personal Information Protection Commission.

3. Purpose Specification

When SMM obtains personal information, other than when exempted by law or regulation, SMM shall announce or give notice (including announcement via this Policy) of the purpose of use, or, in the case of personal information obtained directly from a person through that person writing it on a contract or other document (including electromagnetic records), SMM shall disclose the purpose of use in advance, and obtain the information by fair and lawful means.

Except in cases where SMM has made a separate, individual announcement or notification, SMM shall use personal information appropriately within the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes of use.

(1) Personal information concerning a customer who has made an inquiry through SMM's website

  • To respond to, confirm, and/or make a record of a customer's inquiry or consultation
  • To provide information concerning SMM's products, services, exhibitions, etc.

(2) Personal information concerning business partners (in the case of corporations, their officers and employees)

  • For contact required by business, fulfillment of contracts, business negotiations, etc.
  • For management of business partner information

(3) Personal information concerning shareholders (in the case of corporate shareholders, their officers and employees)

  • To exercise rights and fulfill duties based on the Companies Act
  • To provide various benefits in accordance with shareholders' status
  • To implement policies that facilitate the relationship between shareholders and SMM
  • For record-keeping and other management of shareholders based on various laws and regulations

(4) Personal information concerning hiring/recruitment activity applicants

  • For contacting and providing information to hiring/recruitment activity applicants
  • For other uses necessary to hiring/recruitment activities

4. Joint use

SMM sometimes jointly uses personal information such as addresses, names, workplaces, telephone numbers, email addresses, and inquiry content with SMM's subsidiaries and affiliates within the scope necessary to accomplish purposes of use.
SMM bears responsibility for such jointly used personal information. See 1. above for SMM's address and representative.
For inquiries concerning joint use, please utilize the inquiry contact in 10. below.

5. Security Control Measures, Supervision of Employees and Trustees

SMM takes necessary and appropriate measures for the safe management of personal information and supervises its employees and contractors. As noted in 7. and 8. below, concrete measures for the safe management of personal information shall be set in each business sector’s personal information protection policy and internal regulations.

6. Restriction of Provision to a Third Party

SMM shall not, except in cases in which the provision of personal data is based on laws and regulations, provide personal data to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person.

7. Relation to Other Privacy Policies

In SMM, in addition to this Privacy Policy, other privacy policies may be established by each business segment. In such cases, such other privacy policies take priority over this Privacy Policy.

8. Continuous Improvements of the Regulations

SMM has established in-house regulations concerning personal information protection, and shall strive to make continuous improvements to such regulations by reviewing them.

9. Requests for disclosure, etc., of personal information

When SMM receives a request for the viewing, correction, cessation of use, deletion, etc., of personal information, SMM shall act promptly after confirmation by a prescribed procedure that the requesting person is the person in question. Please contact the inquiry contact in 10. below with any questions concerning this policy or to exercise rights concerning your personal information.

10. Inquiry contact

Please use the contact form below for questions or complaints concerning SMM's handling of personal information.
11-3 Shimbashi 5-chome Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8716, Japan
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. Person in Charge of Personal Information Protection

Established: April 1, 2005
Revised: April 1, 2022
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.