Water Treatment Solution

Since there is greater and greater demand for the preservation of the water environment, it is expected that controls on water contamination will become even tighter. Therefore, due to the diversification and complication of production processes, waste water treatment technologies for these processes must also be diversified.

Making full use of the separation and refiring technologies that we have developed through our core non-ferrous metal refiring and through the catalyst and analysis technologies that we have derived from the aforementioned technologies, we will support our customers from both hardware and software aspects in dealing with problems that have been difficult to treat by means of conventional technologies.

We will propose satisfying solutions to our customers for each step, from customer inquiries to equipment delivery.

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System that Treats Substances Subject to Regulations

*Concerning substances or problems not mentioned in the above "System that Treats Substances Subject to Regulations", we propose optimal solutions that satisfy the needs of customers.

Other Solutions / Examples of Proposals

Other Water Treatment Systems

  • Biotreatment

Entrusted Analysis

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. or Sumiko Techno-Research Co., Ltd.  (Japanese Version Only) will help you to analyze your waste water constituents.

After-sales Service Following the Installation of Equipment

In order for you to use the installed equipment for a long period of time, we provide the following services:

Materials for Operations

  • Reducing Agents, N-Free(N)
  • Catalysts, N-Free(N)
  • Electrodes, N-Free(A)

Equipment Maintenance

  • Catalytic Activity Diagnosis, N-Free(N)
  • Catalyst Regeneration, N-Free(N)
  • Electrode Performance Diagnosis, N-Free(A)


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