Fluorine in waste water was once removed by adding a large amount of slaked lime to the water and treating the fluorine as calcium sludge. With this method, however, the concentration of fluorine can only be reduced to about 10 mg/L, and this does not consistently satisfy any uniform tolerance limit (8 mg/L is required in public water areas other than sea areas). Our F-Free uses the conventional fluorine removal method with slaked lime in its first process, and then performs another treatment in its second process, which results in a stable satisfying of the tolerance limit of 5 mg/L.

N-Free has the following advantages in comparison with conventional treatments.

  • Since conventional fluorine removal facilities can be used, it does not require many additional facilities.
  • The concentration of fluorine in waste water is constantly 5 mg/L or less.
  • The amount of sludge that must be treated by means of a secondary method is reduced dramatically.
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