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N-Free (N) for Nitrate-Nitrogen / Nitrite-Nitrogen


Using the catalyst technologies we have developed over a long period of time, we have started to develop technologies for the decomposition and treatment of nitrate-nitrogen, and we have developed a new technology that allows the neutralization of highly-concentrated nitrate-nitrogen at normal temperatures and pressures. "N-Free(N) for Nitrate-nitrogen/Nitrite-nitrogen" changes nitrogen content in waste water into harmless nitrogen gas efficiently and emits the gas into the air.

N-Free (N) has the following advantages in comparison with conventional treatments.

  • N-Free (N) is a chemical treatment that has never before been seen in conventional treatments.
  • When the concentration of nitrogen content in waste water is high, N-Free (N) can treat it.
  • N-Free (N) can treat nitrogen content at normal temperatures and pressures.
  • Secondary waste (polluted sludge) is not generated.
  • N-Free (N) does not occupy much space.

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Photo: N-Free (N)

Introduction of N-Free (N) Processes

Using a catalyst and a reducing agent, N-Free (N) changes nitrate-nitrogen, which is difficult to treat, into nitrite-nitrogen in its first process. In its second process, it changes nitrite-nitrogen into nitrogen gas, using a reducing agent. Through this two-step treatment method, treatment has been enabled that is much easier and more efficient than conventional ones.

Picture:Introduction of N-Free (N) Processes

Example of Application

Through the results found after equipment installation and those of waste water testing, it has been confirmed that N-Free (N) can handle waste water from various sectors of industry.

Stainless steel pickling plants (fluoroacetic acid drainage), precious metal collection plants, catalyst manufacturing plants, etc.


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