Corporate History

- 1944

1590 Soga Riemon established copper smelting and coppersmithing in Kyoto. He developed a smelting technique called "Nanban-buki" to separate silver from copper and then worked on mine development.
1691 Operation of the Besshi Copper Mine started.
1905 A refinery was established on Shisaka Island.
1927 July The management of the Sumitomo Joint-stock Company and the Besshi Mining Company was divided in order to establish Sumitomo Besshi Mining Co., Ltd.
1937 June Sumitomo Besshi Mining Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Coal Mining Co., Ltd. merged to establish Sumitomo Mining Co., Ltd.
1939 November Production of electrolytic nickel started.

1945 -

1946 January The company name was changed to Seika Kogyo (Mining) Co., Ltd.
1950 March The Metal Division of Seika Kogyo Co., Ltd. was divided to establish Besshi Mining Co., Ltd.
1952 June The company name was changed to Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd., and at the same time, the original "igeta" emblem was revived.
1956 September The company established Hyuga Smelting Co., Ltd. and started production of ferronickel.
1960 April The company established Tokyo Electronic Metal Co., Ltd. It then started to manufacture germanium dioxide, and expanded its business to electronic materials.
1963 April The company established Siporex Manufacturing Co., Ltd to start production of ALC (Autoclaved Lightweight aerated Concrete).
1964 July The company established Sumiko I.S.P. Co., Ltd. (Currently Harima Refinery)
1965 August Central Research Laboratories (currently Ichikawa Research Center) was completed.
1967 September The Ome Plant was completed.

1970 -

1970 June New Niihama Nickel Refinery was completed.
1971 February The Toyo Smelter was completed.
1973 March The Besshi Copper Mine was closed.
1973 May The Kounomai Mine was closed.
1974 June An electronics materials plant was completed in the Kunitomi District Div (currently Sumiko Kunitomi Electronics Co., Ltd.)., and production of germanium started.
1977 January Sumitomo Metal Mining Singapore Pte. Ltd. was established. Production of lead frames started in Singapore. (Company transfer in 2017)
1977 February Niihama Research Laboratories was established.
1981 August High-grade gold ore veins were discovered in the Hishikari Mine in Kagoshima Pref. by the Metal Mining Agency of Japan. (currently JOGMEC)
1985 July The ore veins of the Hishikari Mine were reached and removal of ores started.
1986 February The company and Sumitomo Corporation jointly invested in the Morenci Copper Mine (Arizona), owned by Phelps Dodge Corporation (currently Freeport McMoRan Inc.).
1988 July The company took equity participation in P.T. International Nickel Indonesia (currently PT Vale Indonesia Tbk) in Indonesia.
1990 July The company took equity participation in Ballande (currently Figesbal in New Caledonia).
1992 January The company participated in the Candelaria Copper Mine development project by Phelps Dodge Corporation.
1995 September The company took equity participation in Jinlong Copper Co., Ltd. in China.
1997 February Sumitomo Metal mining America Inc was established as a company that oversees the Mineral resource business overseas.
1999 September A critical accident occurred in the Tokai Division of JCO Co., Ltd.
1999 September As a spin-off of the Building Materials Division, Sumitomo Metal Mining Siporex Co., Ltd. was established.

2000 -

2001 Started large-scale production of automotive battery materials at Isoura Plant
2002 July A business alliance was formed with Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd., concerning zinc refining business, to establish a joint venture, MS Zinc Co., Ltd.
2003 February Concerning sulphuric business, a business alliance was formed with Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd. to establish a joint venture, Acids Co., Ltd.
2005 April Commercial production by the Coral Bay Nickel project in the philippines started.
2005 December We took equity participation in the Ojos del Salade Copper Mine project in Chile.
2006 November Cerro Verde copper mine commenced production of copper concentrate.
2009 August The company took equity participation in Nickel Asia Corporation (the Philippines).
2009 September The company decided to implement the Taganito Project (the Philippines).
2010 July Concerning the consolidation of the copper and copper alloy fabricated businesses of Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
2011 May The company participated in the Sierra Gorda Copper Mine development project of Quadra FNX Mining Ltd. (currently KGHM International Ltd.) in Chile.
2013 September Commercial production started at Taganito HPAL Nickel Corporation in the Philippines.
2016 May The company acquired additional interest in the Morenci Copper Mine (Arizona, USA).
2017 June The company participated in the Cote Gold Project of IAMGOLD Corporation in Canada.
2019 March Acquisition of Interest in Quebrada Blanca Copper Mine(Chile).