Start of initiatives based on the Vision Co-Creation Partnership with Tohoku University

SMM and Tohoku University (TU) have begun initiatives focusing on the year 2050 based on the Vision Co-Creation Partnership. We will foster the minds of researchers who engage in their work with ambition through joint research, all with the aim of achieving our Vision for the creation of a solar energy society. We will also make contributions to solutions for energy and environmental problems that are global in scale through the creation of innovative materials science.
The Vision Co-Creation Partnership is an initiative with the goal of achieving our Vision, that is, a future society that Japan and the world should aim for as well as fulfilling our role.TU has previously engaged with other companies in similar endeavors. Giving consideration to the long-term approach they will be taking in their activities, it was decided they would begin this initiative with SMM, given the cooperative results we’ve had in research and development and the development of human resources over many years.
Through the discussions we have had over the past two years starting from the 2018 fiscal year, we have formulated our “Vision” for 2050. Backcast from that, we have laid out steps through which we are aiming at creating new value by engaging in the joint research & development of new materials and their commercialization and societal implementation.