Achieving “battery to battery” recycling

The electrification of automobiles is forecast to be a rapid and long-term development and in accordance with this, demand is rising for nickel and cobalt, which are used in cathode materials for electric vehicle lithium-ion secondary batteries. However, as these are rare metals, establish-ing stable supplies is a major issue and demand for the recycling of these resources is growing more than ever before. We have used existing metal, smelting, and refining technologies to start operations for recovering and recycling copper and nickel from used lithium-ion secondary batteries, and as a result of further development of these technologies, we are able to purify the recovered nickel and cobalt and we have verified that it can be reused as a raw material in lithium-ion secondary battery cathode materials. Additionally, through our world-first original lithium recovery technology, we have established a new recycling process that is able to recycle copper, nickel, cobalt and lithium from used secondary batteries.

Going forward, we will work on ways to use these efforts to realize “battery to battery” recycling.

Recycling Flow

picture:Recycling Flow

Pre-processing: Heat treatment to eliminate toxins, crushing, and selection