THPAL Supporting Indigenous People (the Philippines)

Located in Mindanao Island, the Philippines, the areas surrounding THPAL are home to the Mamanwa tribe, believed to be the oldest indigenous people in the Philippines. They had to change their way of life when they were forced to leave their original lands by immigrants and others who arrived later.
Efforts are underway at THPAL to provide medical assistance and scholarships to local residents, including indigenous people, through a legal community support program (SDMP*).
We also undertake an initiative that goes beyond that program to help to establish a school where Mamanwa children can learn about their traditions and culture in the Mamanwa language.
One of the themes in the SMM Group’s “Vision for 2030” is to become a company that understands and respects the traditions and cultures of indigenous peoples. We will continue our business while honoring and respecting indigenous people.

SDMP: Social Development and Management Program, which is aimed at improving the welfare of people in areas where mining companies operate, as required by the Philippine Mining Act.

School for the children of the Mamanwa tribe