Implementation of Hazard Simulation Training

Oji-kan Facility, the Group's experience training facility, has been conducting Hazard Simulation Training since January 2010 to increase employees' awareness to hazard.
We have equipment that allows employees to have simulated experience of "entanglement in rotating objects," "impact of falling from a high place," and "exposure to residual pressure fluid." We strive to increase the risk awareness of each and every employee by providing a simulated experience of impending dangers, that cannot be obtained by classroom lectures alone.

Although almost all domestic employees in the group have attended the Hazard Simulation Training at least once, we also provide private and on-site courses. Furthermore, the training content is reviewed every year. Employees from overseas group companies and employees of subcontractors also come to take the course.

Furthermore, we actively welcome visitors from companies and organizations outside our own group, and many people visit us each year to strengthen interactions.

Training at the Oji-kan Facility