Co-Existence and Mutual Prosperity with Local Communities

Cost of Social Contribution Activities

We are carrying out the following activities aimed at nurturing the next generation, supporting people with disabilities and the elderly, providing support during and after disasters, investing in infrastructure, and providing support services. As a result, in FY2022 the cost of our social contribution activities amounted to approximately ¥1.9 billion.

■ Investment in Infrastructure and Support Services1
Region Details Amount (FY2022)
  • Donations to scholarship funds for orphans in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima Prefectures, which were hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake (making donations every year since 2012)
  • Donations to medical organizations such as the Cancer Institute and the Japan Heart Foundation
  • Donations to sports organizations such as the Japanese Para-Sports Association
  • Support for basic science research, environmental research, and activities for the maintenance and restoration of cultural properties through The Sumitomo Foundation
  • Donations to Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund
  • Support for employment of former inmates and others by donating to the National Organization of Labor Support Providers
  • Support for victims of crime through donations to the Victim Support Center of Tokyo
  • Expenditure on social contribution activities, such as contribution to Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan
¥250 million
  • Supporting measures to prevent dengue fever in communities neighboring the plant (awareness activities, spraying insecticide, cleaning activities, etc.)
  • Undertaking a water supply equipment installation project for communities neighboring the plant
  • Popularizing organic rice cultivation among communities neighboring the plant with the help of technical experts
In the Philippines we are continuing to provide support through SDMP2
¥1,620 million
  • 1.Investment in infrastructure and support services are non-commercial and provided free of charge
  • 2.SDMP: Social Development and Management Program, conducted by a company for the welfare of residents living in the vicinity of its operating area