Co-Existence and Mutual Prosperity with Local Communities

Model Project for Dialogue and Collaboration

Local issues vary from region to region, and we believe it is important to understand and resolve the issues facing each region through dialogue with the local community.
The Ome District Division and the Tama University Research Institute collaborated to conduct a model project for dialogue and collaboration called the Localized Contribution Survey. The purpose of this survey was to identify local issues through research, and to develop, operate, and evaluate our unique program that contributes to solving these issues.
The initiatives include interviews with local governments and neighboring companies and their employees, holding panel discussions and workshops with local stakeholders under the title of PROJECT OME, followed by the establishment of a Social Contribution Promotion Committee at the Ome District Division. In addition, regular collaborative meetings with local social welfare councils and government officials have been established to explore issues.
Going forward, the Ome District Division will involve its employees in the formulation of the OME VISION and other activities to foster a sense of ownership and create concrete results with local stakeholders. In addition, the model projects implemented at the Ome District Division will be implemented at other business sites to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities by resolving issues faced by those communities.