Material Issues / Governance

Employees’ Occupational Health and Safety

Vision for 2030

A company where all employees work together with safety first the priority in a comfortable working environment as well as safe facilities and operations

Approach and Policy

Because the Group’s business activities involve working at heights and handling large equipment, heavy machinery, and chemical substances, employees risk occupational accidents, including fatalities, and health hazards.
On the other hand, an environment in which employees can work in safety and with security is an important management element that leads to greater employee motivation and stronger relationships of trust between employees and the Company. Therefore, the SMM Group aims to create comfortable and safe workplaces, including at our contractors, and is further advancing its ongoing equipment safety measures and has begun introducing advanced technologies such as the IoT* and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

IoT: The Internet of things, under which services are deployed through all manner of things being connected through the Internet.

Policy and Targets

Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Goals for FY2023

Occupational Safety Policy

(1) Prevention of serious accidents
(2) Prevention of recurring accidents
(3) Achieve work with safe procedures and equipment through priority-oriented safety activities based on the Three Reality Principle and line safety management.

Occupational Safety Goals

  1. Occupational accidents (ultimate goal of zero accidents)
    1) Japan Group employees
    • Serious accidents 1 : 0
    • All accidents 2 : 7 or less
    2) Japan contractor employees
    • Serious accidents 1 : 0
    • All accidents 2 : 2 or less
    3) Overseas business site employees
    • Serious accidents 1 : 0
    • All accidents 2 : 1 or less
    • 1.Accidents resulting in an absence from work of three months or more as a management indicator
    • 2.Accidents that resulted in absence from work combined with accidents not resulting in absence from work.
  2. Traffic accidents
    • Traffic accidents caused by employees resulting in injury or death: 6 or less

Occupational Health Policy

Ensure a comfortable work environment through measures to improve the work environment and prevent illness

Occupational Health Goals

  1. Dust, lead, and specified substances
    1) Control Class 3 workplaces
    Number of workplaces: 0 (excluding noise)
    2) Control Class 2 workplaces
    Reduction in the number of workplaces
  2. Noisy workplaces
    Control Class 3 workplaces with a workload value of 1 or more: 1 or less
  3. Number of employees with work-related ill health
    Ill employees (requiring treatment): 0
  4. Mental health enhancement