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Flexible Copper Clad Laminates「S'PERFLEX」


S'PERFLEX is 2 layer FCCL fabricated by forming copper layer with precise metalizing technology on various films.
Having flat interface, thin and uniformed copper layer to realize ultra-fine patterning.

  • forming copper layer on film without adhesive.
  • polyimide film, transparent film or other various films can be selected as base film.
Photo:Package Materials: S’PERFLEX Copper-clad Polyimide Films


2 layer FCCL combined wanted thickness of copper layer and various resin film.

  • metallized side:single side, double side
  • thickness of copper layer : Standard thicknesses are 0.3µm, 2µm, 8µm. Thicknesses down to 0.1µm are available as an option.
  • resin film : polyimide film, transparent film and others.

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