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Package Materials: S’PERFLEX Copper-clad Polyimide Films


Copper is laminated without an adhesive on the insulator film. - This is the most simply-composed material among flexible electronics materials.
Nevertheless, advanced metallizing technology is concentrated in this product, and the high quality characteristics that are required for LCD panel COFs are realized.

  • Fine patterning: A thin and even copper layer is optimal for high-precision processing.
  • High reliability: High adhesion and excellent electrical isolation are realized.
  • High durability against bending: High durability is realized through our unique plating technology.
Photo:Package Materials: S’PERFLEX Copper-clad Polyimide Films

Quality characteristics

  • Thickness of copper layer: normally 8 µm, Capable of being made thinner; up to 1µm
  • Polyimide film type: Kapton-EN, Upilex-S
  • Thickness of polyimide film: 12.5, 25, 35, 38, 50, 75 µm


One side (copper/polymide); Both sides (copper/polymide/copper)


  • COF (Chip on Film)
  • Wiring material for mobile phones
  • High-density wiring material


Consult with us for the length, width, and core size.


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