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Nickel Sulfate


SMM's high-purity nickel, "Fine Emerald" is suitable for all types of nickel plating including electrolytic plating and electroless plating. It can also be used for a wide array of purposes other than plating, such as aluminum coloring, catalysts, and battery materials.

Nickel Sulfate

Quality characteristics

Ni ≧22.0
Co ≦0.001
Cu ≦0.0001
Fe ≦0.0001
Mn ≦0.0001
Pb ≦0.0001
Zn ≦0.0001
Mg ≦0.01
Na ≦0.002


  • Electrolytic nickel plating and electroless nickel plating
  • Battery materials
  • Aluminum coloring


  • 3-ply kraft paper bag, with 1 inner polyethylene plastic, 20 kg per bag
  • Flexible containers of various types

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