Copper - a base metal supporting electric civilization that has a wide array of applications, from electric wire to electronics. SMM's copper smelting technology has its roots in "Nanban-buki", developed by Soga Riemon, the founders of the Sumitomo Group in Keicho era (1596 to1615). Toyo Smelter & Refinery (Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture) boasts the world's highest-level productivity. Technologies used in the Toyo Smelter & Refinery are also utilized in China. For Jinlong Copper Co., Ltd (Anhui), in which we have acquired an equity stake, the production of copper is growing in response to vigorous copper demand, enhancing the presence of the company as an important facility each year.

Nickel / Cobalt

Nickel is a metal used for electronic materials, battery materials, and the aerospace industry, as well as stainless materials, supporting cutting-edge fields. Nowadays, we provide electrolytic nickel of the world's highest quality as the only electrolytic nickel manufacturer in the country, using the hydrometallurgical process MCLE (Matte Chlorine Leach Electrowinning). Additionally, since April 2005, commercial production of nickel from low-grade ore, for which processing was impossible using conventional technologies, has begun in the Republic of the Philippines, using a technology known as the HPAL (High Pressure Acid Leach) process. Hyuga Smelting Co., Ltd. (Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture) produces Ferronickel, the raw material for stainless materials.

Gold / Precious Metals

old is widely used for electronic materials, dental materials, and plating materials due to its chemical stability, as well as for jewelry and investments. With our Hishikari Mine in Kagoshima Prefecture, which boasts the world's highest grade gold and the largest gold production in Japanese history, SMM produces high-grade gold using the refining technologies we have accumulated over a long period of time. SMM is on the London Good Delivery List as a smelter that is acceptable to the London Bullion Market Association.


The Shisaka Smelting Co., Ltd.(Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture) performs recovery of valuable metals, including zinc, from a material known as steelmaking dust provided by steel manufacturing companies.