Implementation Report for ICMM Performance Expectations

ICMM is an international organization established to ensure that the mining and metals industries are made safe, fair, and sustainable. It is comprised of the world’s biggest mining and metals companies, as well as reginal and commodity-focused organizations. SMM is a member company.
As a member of ICMM, SMM has guaranteed by the third-party validation for prioritization criteria of Performance Expectations application, its process and disclosure.

Performance Expectations Approach

Prioritization of third-party validation

Within our target sites* for PEs, we have prioritized the sites to undergo third-party validation as follows.

Sites that produce or smelt and refine gold, silver, copper, and nickel, which are included in the minerals subject to international responsible mineral sourcing, sites that are large in scale (production volume, number of employees, etc), and sites that produce metals as finished products (excluding facilities producing intermediate products)

  • Defined by ICMM as operations involved in the production or refining of minerals and metals for sale or further processing.

Validation of Implementation and Progress of third-party validation for target sites

In FY2022, the Toyo Smelter & Refinery