Material Issues / Governance

Significant Environmental Accidents / Biodiversity

Vision for 2030

A company that values water resources and biodiversity, and protects the richness of the sea and land

Approach and Policy

Significant environmental accidents have major impacts on the environment and communities, and can result in loss of the trust that is a prerequisite for business continuity. In particular, the SMM Group’s business activities have the potential to cause environmental pollution through such means as the leakage of mining waste and chemicals. By improving our facilities and management to address such risks as well as intensifying natural disasters, we are working to prevent significant environmental accidents and mitigate impacts in the event of occurrence.
We are also working to sustainably utilize and manage water resources and to reduce our emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and water, and are developing environmental conservation activities that place importance on biodiversity.
In FY2022, there were no significant environmental accidents which would have a serious impact on the environment or society.