Material Issues / Governance

Diverse Human Resources / Development and Participation of Human Resources

Vision for 2030

A company where all employees can take a vibrant and active part

  1. A company that respects the humanity of each and every employee, and where employees feel pride, motivation, and joy in work
  2. A company that provides each and every employee with opportunities to improve his/her capabilities, and grows together with employees

Approach and Policy

Based on the approach of “respect for all individuals” set forth in our Corporate Philosophy and in accordance with the Sumitomo Metal Mining Group Policy on Human Rights, we work to secure, foster, and utilize human capital by respecting the diverse values of all employees and fostering workplace environments in which all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities.
The business environment surrounding companies is a difficult one in which the future is difficult to foresee, and societal changes that overturn conventional wisdom have begun to occur one after another. We believe that our Company, too, will face difficulty in aptly adapting to such changes through the continuation of conventional approaches. Building an organization and developing employees who are not afraid to make changes, even changing themselves, is an urgent challenge for us.
In response, in July 2023 we revised our human resource system to one centered on a job grade system for managerial track employees, in order to take in diverse human resources, make use of diverse values, and enhance our corporate value while maintaining a membership-style employment mechanism that allows organizations and employees to grow from a long-term perspective. We will make our Company into one that continues to provide the sense of security and stability of the past while also enabling new challenges, transformation, and growth as all employees learn and grow autonomously.