Material Issues / Governance

Effective Use of Non-Ferrous Metal Resources

Vision for 2030

A company that generates resources through high technological capabilities

  1. A company that stably provides non-ferrous metals to society
  2. A company that contributes to society by effectively using impurities through collaborative, open technological development among industry, academia, and government
  3. A company that contributes to the construction and maintenance of recycling systems for non-ferrous metals
  4. A company that develops and supplies highly advanced materials that contribute to the resolution of social issues

Approach and Policy

Non-ferrous metal resources see wide use in fields connected to the resolution of social issues such as climate change. By making effective use of finite non-ferrous metal resources without waste, we believe that we can contribute to achieving a sustainable society. Our Group uses our production capabilities as a foundation for carrying out research and development that includes collaboration with external parties, and works to enhance our technological capabilities related to product creation. We strive to stably supply non-ferrous metal resources, create value from unused resources, and utilize technologies for recovering and recycling hard-to-process resources.