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Siporex (ALC)


Siporex, named ALC (Autoclaved Lightweight aerated Concrete) by Japan’s JIS, is a leading construction material popular in Japan. Siporex was brought to Japan in 1962 when SMM introduced the technology for its use. It already has a track record of more than 80 years of use in Sweden, and more than 50 years of use in Japan.

For more details, see the Sumitomo Metal Mining Siporex Co., Ltd. website .

Photo:Siporex (ALC)

Siporex characteristics

  • Light: Concrete that floats in water
  • Incombustible: Resistant to fire, does not produce harmful gas
  • Excellent insulation properties: Achieves energy saving
  • Blocks out noise: Makes living areas quiet and comfortable
  • Earthquake resistance: Composition has superb inter-story drift conformance properties
  • Workability: Dry construction method shortens construction period
  • Safe: Zero asbestos


Sumitomo Metal Mining Siporex Co., Ltd.

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