Material Issues / Governance

Engagement with Stakeholders

Vision for 2030

A company that is appreciated and understood to be the world leader in non-ferrous metals

Approach and Policy

Our Vision for 2030 aims to solve social issues and gaining the trust of stakeholders is essential for realizing this vision. We are working to ensure that our diverse stakeholders correctly understand the true size of the Group and encouraging them to share in our goal of becoming the world leader in the non-ferrous metals industry. We have identified the groups of stakeholders who affect or are affected by the SMM Group as customers, shareholders, employees, local communities, creditors, business partners, NGOs and NPOs, and government agencies. We have set targets for how we should engage with each of these groups, and we are advancing various initiatives to achieve these targets.

SMM’s Vision for Stakeholder Engagement

Customers Be a company that accurately understands customer needs and has comprehensive competitiveness with an edge over other firms with respect to technology, quality, delivery and costs.
Shareholders Be an excellent entity in which to invest: one that pursues maximum corporate value through growth strategies and sound governance, disburses dividends matching its business performance, and discloses information as appropriate.
Employees Be a company that provides a favorable work environment, clearly defines the roles of all individuals within the organization, and makes employees proud to work for it.
Local Communities Be a company that coexists well with its local communities, makes positive contributions to those regions’ development, and acts with respect for the traditions and culture of indigenous peoples.
Creditors Be a company that has earning capacity, outstanding financial strength, and trustworthiness.
Business Partners Be a company that possesses outstanding technological strength, places importance on integrity and trust, and which is capable of conducting business on an equal footing for co-prosperity.
NGOs / NPOs Be a company that listens to diverse opinions on social issues and undertakes appropriate communication through dialogue and other means.
Government Agencies Be a company that implements compliance fully and makes positive contributions for the benefit of the countries and local communities where it is undertaking its projects.