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Lubricants are used in a range of fields

The role of lubricant is not limited to extending the life of machinery and reducing costs. Lubricants can also contribute to fuel efficiency. Car engines, for example, ignite gasoline in cylinders and transmit the resultant energy to pistons to create the power that drives the car, but some of the energy generated is lost to friction between the piston and the cylinder. By reducing this friction, it is possible to turn more energy into power for driving and thus to effectively increase fuel efficiency. Sumico Lubricant specializes in molybdenum disulfide and other solid lubricants, and it provides lubricants containing these materials which are applied to the piston skirt to form a coating and thus fulfill the role of reducing the energy consumed due to friction between the piston and the cylinder.

As well as this, its dry film lubricants that work to reduce the noise and vibration generated by household appliances and biodegradable lubricants that reduce environmental pollution are also receiving much attention among other products.

Lubricants are absolutely essential for industrial machinery, and they also perform vital roles in the things around us in everyday life. By offering a wide range of lubricants, Sumico Lubricant aims to contribute to the improvement of the social environment.

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Product lineup

Grease for machinery and bearings

Photo:Grease for machinery and bearings

Lubricants for high-precision machinery and plastics

Photo:Lubricants for high-precision machinery and plastics

Dry film lubricants

Photo:Dry film lubricants

Oil for chains

Photo:Oil for chains

Molybdenum disulfide Powder

Photo:Molybdenum disulfide Powder

Lubricants for Food machinery

Photo:Lubricants for Food machinery

Grease for injection molder ejector pins

Photo:Grease for injection molder ejector pins

Corrosion inhibitor for molds

Photo:Corrosion inhibitor for molds


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