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Thick Film Materials: Nickel Powder


SMM meets customer needs with our nickel powder for internal electrodes of multilayer ceramic capacitors using our technology for producing high-purity materials and technology for controlling powder materials, which we have cultivated over the years.

Photo:Thick Film Materials: Nickel Powder

Typical powder characteristics

Typical value
SEM particle size(um) 0.45
Tap density(g/CC) 3.5
Specific surface area(m2/g) 2.0
O(%) 0.6
C(%) 0.2

The data shown above indicates the actual measured values. These are not certified values.


  • This is a long selling product having uniform spherical particles resulting from the wet process.
  • A further reduction in the number of coarse particles is realized through combination with classification.
  • Due to the extraordinary particle surface smoothness of the wet process powder, it has become easier to achieve a high packing density.


  • Material for electrodes of multilayer ceramic capacitors
  • Conductive paste


Sales & Marketing Group, Applied Powder Materials Business Unit, Advanced Materials Div.