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Thin Film Materials: Sputtering Targets


Sputtering Targets To be "lighter", "thinner", and "smaller" is a requirement for electronics components. To realize these requirements, thin film materials are indispensable. SMM produces thin film materials using internally-produced, high-purity metals, high-purity nickel-cobalt alloy, and rare metal materials, based on the metal-refining technology and powder metallurgy technology developed in-house.

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Sputtering targets

A thin-film application device plays an extremely important role in contributing to high-tech electronics. SMM develops and manufactures sputtering targets based on the high-level metal-refining technology and processing technology using internally-produced high-purity precious metals, high-purity nickel-cobalt alloy, or rare metals materials. SMM has sufficiently utilized the technology and knowhow that is based on the history and performance of 400 years as a manufacturer of nonferrous metals, and is providing new materials and new products in each field of research, development, and production of electronic components, recording media, display devices, and semiconductors. In these 10 years, the company has supported the rapid conversion of electronic components to “lighter weight, as well as thinner, more compact and smaller size”, and has acquired the support and trust of both domestic and international consumers.

List of target products

Purpose and function of the film formation Target products (typical example) Examples of application fields
External and terminal electrodes Solder wetting film (Outer layer) Au, Ag, Cu, Ni, Sn-Ag, etc. Electronic components
Solder barrier film Ni-30 to 35Cu, Cu-30 to 60Ni, Ni, etc.
Adhesion film (Underlayer) Ni-7Cr, Ni-20Cr, Ni-50Cr, Ni-7Ti, Ni-7V, chromium, titanium, etc.
Thin film resistance For medium and low resistance Ni-50Cr, NiCr-7Al · 10Al, NiCr-2 ~ 5Si, NiCrAlSi, NiCrAlSi+X, etc.
For high resistance NiCrAl+SiO2, NiCrAl + Ta, etc.
Wiring film Cu, Al, Ag, etc. Display device
Wiring protective film Cu-30 to 40Ni, Cu-35Ni-3Ti, Ni-30 to 40Cu, Ti, etc.
Black matrix film Ni-19W, Ni-30 to 40Cu, Cr, etc.
Electrode film Ag, Cu, Ni, etc.
Blackened film (Metal mesh electrode) Cu-30 to 40Ni, Ni-30 to 40Cu, Ni-19W, Ni-20Cr, etc.
Others NiCr, Co, CoFe, CoCr, FeNi, NiFe, In, Fe, Ta, Si, etc. Others

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