This is a list of analysts from securities companies or research institutes that provide recommendations, analysis, and reports concerning Sumitomo Metal Mining’s performance.

Company Analyst
BofA Securities Japan Takashi Enomoto
Daiwa Securities Shinichiro Ozaki
Marusan Securities Hidekazu Miyahara
Mizuho Securities Hiroshi Matsuda
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Yu Shirakawa
Nomura Securities Yuji Matsumoto
QUICK Corporate Valuation Research Center Hiroshi Nakamura
SBI Securities Ryuunosuke Shibata
SMBC Nikko Securities Atsushi Yamaguchi
UBS Securities Japan Harunobu Goroh

Company names shown in alphabetical order (titles omitted, current as of January 2024)

This list was created to Sumitomo Metal Mining’s standards on the basis of information available at the time of publishing. As such, please be aware that there may be other analysts who are not included in this list, and that analysts may be transferred or no longer work for the companies shown.

The purpose of this list is to introduce to investors the analysts from companies and research institutes that provide analysis or forecasts for Sumitomo Metal Mining’s business results, and it is not intended as a solicitation to buy or sell Sumitomo Metal Mining’s shares.

Please note that all analyst opinions, appraisals, and forecasts regarding Sumitomo Metal Mining’s business results are the relevant analyst’s own and do not represent the views of Sumitomo Metal Mining or Sumitomo Metal Mining management.

Please understand that you yourself are responsible for the ultimate decision regarding the purchase or sale of shares in Sumitomo Metal Mining.