Integrated Report

Integrated Report 2018

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Integrated Report 2018(PDF: 23.8MB)

Individual Versions

  • The Sumitomo Business Spirit/SMM Group Corporate Philosophy/SMM Group Management Vision/SMM History
  • SMM Group Overview
  • Financial and Non-Financial Summary
  • Interview with the President

Value Creation at SMM(PDF: 5.1MB)

  • Relationship between the Long-Term Vision and the Vision for 2020
  • The SMM Group’s Value Creation Process
  • The SMM Group’s Business Process
  • Special Feature 1: Addressing the needs of society through collaboration among our three businesses of mineral resources, smelting and refi ning, and materials
  • Special Feature 2: Emphasize “cognition,” “conceptualization,” and “action” to maximize sustainable growth and corporate value, and develop the next generation of managerial human resources
  • The SMM Group’s Risks and Opportunities
  • Material Issues for the SMM Group
  • Progress of the 2015 3-Year Business Plan
  • FY2017 Results and FY2018 Plan
  • Finance/Investment/Approach to Dividends

Review of Operations(PDF: 6.6MB)

  • Mineral Resources Business
  • Smelting & Refi ning Business
  • Materials Business
  • Research & Development

Management at SMM(PDF: 1.1MB)

  • Corporate Governance
  • Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members
  • Messages from the Outside Directors

Sustainability at SMM(PDF: 1.3MB)

  • Management Approach
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Initiatives for Respect for Human Rights
  • Quality Control
  • SDGs Initiatives
  • Activities and Achievements for the Six CSR Areas of High Priority
  • Effective Use of Resources/Environmental Preservation/Contribution to Society and Local Communities/Respect for People and Human Rights/Occupational Health and Safety/Stakeholder Communication

Sustainability Data(PDF: 1.6MB)

  • Effective Use of Resources
  • Global Environmental Considerations
  • Contribution to Society and Local Communities
  • Respect for People and Human Rights
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Other

Materials from 2015 and earlier are available from the page below.